Runebound (Third Edition)

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Welcome to Terrinoth, adventurer! You are one of a few worthy heroes, wandering across the realm and taking what quests you encounter. But now, a dark terror from centuries past has awoken, and it threatens to cast all of Terrinoth into darkness. Only a peerless hero - a hero such as you - can defeat this evil, save the realm, and have your name enshrined as a living legend! In Runebound, a fantasy adventure board game, two distinct scenarios give shape to your adventures, challenging you to battle undead or outwit a dragon, even as you explore lost ruins and encounter the inhabitants of Terrinoth. An array of adventure cards and story cards for make every game unique, and you can customize your hero with over 100 different skills and assets. Whether you play a mage bristling with spells or a powerful warrior, every game of Runebound offers an incomparable adventure!